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Welcome to our website.  We are the Educational Support Division of Next Generation Services, LLC of Kernersville, NC.  Our mission is to help students and their parent(s) understand their areas of strength and how they relate to the college majors they may be considering.


We utilize a comprehensive on-line assessment tool from Performance Max, LLC of Cincinnati, OH.  With the results from the assessment, along with some demographic preferences that you provide, our certified interpreters will discuss the following with the student and the parent(s):

·         Student’s areas of strength

·         Techniques to maintain or build on these strengths

·         Areas that need development

·         Recommendations on what to do to strengthen those areas

·         Matches to 5 majors selected by the student

·         The top 10 majors that are most closely matched

·         Colleges/Universities for consideration


By spending some quality time thinking and evaluating your options now, you may be able to avoid the high costs associated with changing majors part-way through your college career.


Please browse through the pages of our website.  You’ll learn more details of what we offer and how the process works.  If you desire additional information or want to schedule time for the assessment and feedback, please go to the Contact us/Get Started page.